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How We Would Fight A Case As Your Trucking Accident Attorney Orlando

trucking accident attorney Orlando

As attorneys that represent victims of truck accidents, we understand the importance of fighting for justice in your trucking accident case. Simply put, the dangers on our Orlando and Florida roadways all too often warrant necessary legal action. When choosing your trucking accident attorney Orlando, you first want someone who can understand and empathize with your tragic situation and the damages you have incurred. 

Florida’s stretch of Interstate 95 receives over 300,000 drivers daily and consistently ranks as one of the nation’s most dangerous roads. As much as one would hope, safe driving isn’t adequately preventing 400,000+ motor crashes a year.  With statistics that high, the need for choosing the right legal counsel becomes increasingly more imperative. 

As your trucking accident attorney Orlando, this is how we’d fight a case for you: 

Seek a deeper understanding of your accident

Before we start filing a lawsuit on your case, we have to understand the situation that caused it. That process begins with that initial contact with our office. Click here if you’re ready to start the process to find your resolution. We’re here to help you with our experience in consulting personal injury cases from truck accidents to automobile accidents. 

Our attorneys have a well-versed understanding of the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in relation to commercial truck accidents. You can trust that we have your best interest at heart and reputable experience behind us to fight for justice in your trucking accident case. 

Come prepared with the details of your accident in hand and we will walk you through the needed follow-ups.

File records of all parties involved 

From Day 1, we begin scrutinizing the records of all parties involved in the trucking accident. As your trucking accident attorney Orlando, we are well-acquainted with the specificities that lead to an equitable recovery for your case. 

For example, the company that hired the truck driver involved may be responsible for that driver’s safety and background check. With insurance being in both the company and driver’s name, these cases involve research into the various layers of insurance and various insurance policies. This is a key differentiation between trucking accidents and automobile accidents.

Trucking Accident Attorney Orlando However, from a legal standpoint, there are some similarities between all trucking accidents as there are similar difficulties with trucking and insurance companies. As we look into the details of any specific case we commit to keeping you aware of the progress made in your legal process. 


From here, whether or not details from the policing records of the accident warrant further investigation, the Florida State Attorney’s office may wish to look into the possible criminal violations of the truck driver and/or company involved in your case. Rest assured that at every stage the details of your trucking accident will be thoroughly assessed to seek justice for you and your family. 

Fight for an equitable settlement for you 

We will fight to obtain a fair and just recovery for you each step of the way–during the initial investigation of your case, the filing of your claim, through discovery and negotiations, and in court proceedings–as your trucking accident attorney Orlando. 

If you suffered from economic damages and/or non-economic damages, we’ll assess the areas of negligence that caused this accident to ensure that your personal damages are fought for throughout the entirety of our legal process. 

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