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When issues with new a home build arise contact a lawyer

Many people dream of buying a home while it is being built so that they can customize it to their specifications. While in many cases the process can go off without a hitch, there are situations where things are not completed as expected. Whether it is a matter of something being altogether wrong, not done at all or completed in a shoddy manner, such a situation could result in the need for the home buyer to pursue legal action against the home builder. There are things that homebuyers can do to throughout the building process to make sure that they are aware of what is going on at the site of their new home.

The first occurs when the homebuyer is purchasing the home. As a part of the sale contract, the homebuyer can include a provision that makes it possible for them to access the site after providing reasonable notice. Once at the worksite there are other things a home buyer can do.

Getting to know the superintendent at the site is one of those things. As a result of that relationship you may be able to get answers to your questions that arise. Filling out and submitting an Open Public Records Act request form is also a good idea. So too is asking to see a copy of the house plans, and in some cases, taking photos of them.

Using a camera in other ways can be beneficial as well. While there are multiple areas that could be photographed, areas that are considered critical—such as those around doors and windows—in particular should be documented. If you have concerns about things you see at the building site a professional architect or engineer may be of assistance.

Staying on top of the construction process could result in uncovering issues before they become a bigger problem than they need be. When issues do arise a lawyer may be of assistance.

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