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Unlicensed contractor causing problems for Florida community

Each day homeowners throughout the Orlando, Florida area decide to make improvements to their property. While some of these individuals are able to complete the work on their own, many do not possess the necessary knowledge and skill and rely upon those they deem to be professionals to perform the work. In many cases the contractors hired to complete these jobs do so correctly and in a timely manner. Other times however, homeowners are left with a bigger mess than when they started.

Some residents of another community in Florida are facing that very problem. The contractor they hired to complete work on their homes is facing felony fraud charges related to the work that he performed for one woman. The man was arrested after receiving more than $12,000, from the 80-year-old woman, for work that he either performed poorly or did not perform at all. In addition, the man is accused of using the promise of a date with his father to get the money from the widow.

Though the man told homeowners who hired him, that he was a licensed contractor, in fact, he is not.

Criminal charges related to these types of matters are not common. Instead, it is much more likely that homeowners will seek justice via a civil lawsuit. As a result of one of these lawsuits, it is possible that a homeowner will recover financial compensation for the damage inflicted upon the property. Often these civil matters are settled before the case goes to trial, sometimes through arbitration. Other times the cases go to trial.

When a homeowner is the victim of shoddy work by a contractor the frustration that arises can make it difficult to know what one should do. For these individuals it may be beneficial to work with a lawyer who handles construction disputes.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Home wrecker? Contractor leaves damage in his wake, customers say,” By Brittany Shammas, Dec. 7, 2013

Fri Aug 24, 7:03pm

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