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Unfair competition law in the U.S.

Trade practices that economically harm other businesses or consumers are called unfair competition. Unfair competition laws were designed by the government to reduce the number of unfair business practices. These practices can be of different types and forms. Some examples of unfair trade practices are insider trading, trademark infringement and false advertising.

Unfair competition laws are typically a combination of federal and state laws. Several states have made laws to deal with deceptive trade practices making sure that all businesses get equal opportunity. Laws are in place to deal with different deceptive practices. For example, the Lanham Act deals with false advertising, while the Uniform Trade Secrets Act punishes those who fail to protect trade secrets.

When the case goes to court, there are several factors that are analyzed before the judge reaches a verdict. The nature of the crime and the number of violations are considered before any decision is made.  All these aspects are scrutinized during the proceedings. The defendant’s suit could request injunctive relief to get the plaintiff to desist the unlawful acts. A defendant may also be able to recover monetary damages as a form of compensation for monetary loss caused by the plaintiff.

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.If you are stuck in an unfair competition case, it is advisable to hire an experienced attorney. The attorney will go over the case and guide you through the entire process. An attorney might also be able to get you the outcome you de sire.

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