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The importance of keeping an independent judiciary

Our founding fathers shed blood to ensure a nation with 3 independent branches- Executive, Legislative and last, the Judiciary.  It is so important to keep our judiciary free from politics to not only uphold our Constitution, but to also keep our other 2 branches in check (attempt to keep them from corruption).  You can look at civil rights abuses for examples of how corruption and politics affected our judiciary.  Lobbyists are attempting to yet again politicize our Judiciary branch.  In the article below, “…judicial races have been evolving into another political battleground for big money. A last-minute surge of spending brought the total spent on television commercials to $12.1 million in 10 states, according to two groups that track judicial campaign spending. This election cycle, the spending race has been fueled by the Republican State Leadership Committee, which pledged to spend $5 million on a “judicial fairness initiative,” and contributed $400,000 in North Carolina last week.”

Please make sure you cast your vote for candidates or amendments that do not wish to politicize our Judiciary.

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