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The fastest growing mobile businesses

The mobile business is not what it used to be…considering that less than a decade ago few people had smartphones. But with the proliferation of next generation cell phones, the mobile business is evolving once again.

No…we are not talking about developing smartphone apps. Rather, traditional brick and mortar establishments are morphing into mobile businesses that bring their services and/or products directly to consumers. This post will highlight a few of the fastest growing mobile businesses.

Auto repair – While you have probably heard about mobile services for windshield glass repair, other routine automotive services are going mobile. This includes oil changes, fluid refills or even tire repairs could be completed at a person’s home or in the parking lot of their office.

IT Support – There are countless complaints from customers who are on the phone with someone who can’t understand what is going on with their screen because they are hundreds of miles away. Moreover, people are leary about letting a stranger access their computer remotely.  Mobile IT servicers help their customers in real time because they are really there.

Food trucks – We saved the most obvious for last. The boost in popularity from reality competition shows has spilled over into real life.  Being able to park at farmer’s markets, local squares and other events, combined with the lower overhead compared to traditional restaurants helps food trucks to be one of the fastest growing mobile businesses.

If you have questions about the legal requirements for these businesses, an experienced business law attorney can advise you.

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