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Abdul Mathin

Peter Carr of the Carr Law Firm, P.A., has represented various companies I owned since 2009. Mr. Carr is a great talent in landlord/tenant disputes and general corporate litigation. In every case he has represented me in, he researched and advised me of the best solutions to either settle the case or to fight. Many of our cases were either settled or great results were achieved through litigation.

Mr. Carr also has great knowledge in foreclosure cases and litigates vigorously to get better results for his clients. He is very accessible and reachable even on weekends. He makes time for me at any place for a coffee or lunch. It is very important that attorneys listen to their clients first, and Mr. Carr listens to my concerns all the time.

Mr. Carr’s partner Mrs. Mitzi Carr, an attorney herself, has been a great asset for Peter, she is providing great support for the Carr Law Firm, P.A.

I am glad that I have an attorney who understands my concerns and resolves the disputes to my satisfaction.

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