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Substandard materials could be hiding behind your walls

If you are building a home, you are typically relying on contractors and subcontractors to do much of the work. While you should be aware of everything that is happening throughout the course of a project, you may find that you aren’t fully informed on the materials that contractors use.

In many cases, this may not be an issue: the materials should be safe and approved for the intended purposes. However, there are times when substandard products are used and by the time they fail or break down, it can be too late to prevent damage. This may be the case if your residential or commercial building was built using CPVC pipes in the plumbing.

CPVC pipes are made of plastic and joined together with glue. According to reports like this one, which was published earlier this year, some plumbers in Florida are cautioning against using these pipes for plumbing because they can break down and start leaking long before other types of piping, especially when exposed to the high amount of chlorine and heat that passes through them in Florida homes.

When the pipes deteriorate and start to break down, water can start leaking. Over time, this leaking can lead to considerable damage in the walls and even the foundation of a building.

Contractors and plumbers who use the pipes, as well as the manufacturers of the pipes, know that they are not built to endure decades of plumbing use. In fact, the manufacturer changed their warranty from 25 years to just 10 years. And even though these vulnerabilities are well-known, several companies in the state continue to use — and in some cases still prefer to use — CPVC in piping projects.

While the product itself may not be defective or faulty, homeowners should be aware of the risks of using CPVC when it comes to the construction of a new building or a re-piping project. If you find that it was used against your wishes or leads to serious damage, it may be wise to consider legal action. You can determine if this is an appropriate option by discussing your case with an attorney familiar with construction litigation.

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