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Some construction conflicts arise before building commences

The first step to constructing a building of any type is securing the property where the construction will take place. This is true whether the plan is to remodel or build new. Sometimes developers experience resistance from area residents when trying to obtain a parcel of land for construction. A developer seeking to build an apartment complex in Orlando is facing that reality now.

Developers may not have anticipated the issues that they are encountering. The proposed project—called “The Princeton”—was approved by the City Council late last year. For reasons that are unknown, area residents were not pleased with that decision however and took legal action. The lawsuit brought by the group called Rethink the Princeton, is currently pending.

While area residents and the developer wait for the matter to be resolved, other residential housing projects are moving forward. The City Council indicates that though it may seem otherwise, proposals for new apartment complexes have been denied. The mayor said this is particularly likely in situations where the densities requested are higher than what city code allows.

How the case involving The Princeton will be resolved remains to be seen. It provides a good example of however of how the legal system may be used to work through disputes involving property. For the best chance of obtaining the desired outcome most individuals or groups do not want to navigate the system on their own. Instead, they seek the assistance of a lawyer who understands how cases of this nature generally work

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