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Seminole Tribe of Florida accused of breach of contract

When many people decide to start a business their time and energy goes into the product and building a customer base. While these are undoubtedly important aspects of running a successful business, the matters one may need to deal with do not end there. Sometimes disputes involving businesses and other entities arise. One instance where this may occur is where a contract is involved.

Contracts play an important role in the life of many businesses. Whether the thing contracted for is a good or service, in most cases a contract is used to hash out the specifics of the deal. While these business deals often go off without a hitch, other times issues will arise.

Recently a Florida advertising and promotions company found that it was facing this very problem regarding a contract it had with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Accordingly, it filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the tribe. In the lawsuit the business alleges that the tribe reneged on a 2011 deal the two had for the company to provide promotion and advertising at events. More specifically the lawsuit claims that despite investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the tribe, the services contracted for were taken away and awarded to the sister of man elected to the board of the Seminole Tribe.

As a result of that alleged breach, the advertising company is seeking damages totaling $250 million.

Businesses exist to make a profit and deals made in the course of that business reflect that. When something happens that throws that plan off course a business may not be able to survive. Accordingly, in many situations it is imperative that a business take legal action to protect its wellbeing. In most cases these actions involve the assistance of a business lawyer.

Source: Daily Results, “Lawsuit seeks $250 million in damages from Seminole Tribe over alleged contract breach,” The Associated Press, Jan. 10, 2014

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