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Semi driver suffers personal injury in crash

The Florida Highway Patrol was called to the scene of an accident between a semitrailer and a tanker truck. This incident is said to have occurred Sunday, Sept. 3, in Walton County. The semi driver reportedly suffered a severe personal injury as a result of the wreck.

According to a recent news report, at approximately 7:36 p.m., the driver of a semitrailer — a 52-year-old male — collided with the back end of a tanker truck while traveling in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10, near mile marker 91. This individual was promptly transported to a medical facility for treatment. He was initially listed in serious condition. His current condition is unknown.

The driver of the tanker truck — a 57-year-old male — and his passenger were uninjured in the collision. According to the FHP, this driver was cited for causing the crash. He has been charged for having equipment that was faulty, which contributed to the wreck.

There is a lot involved in this case. Not only may the victim qualify for workers’ compensation benefits to help him while he recovers, he may also have the ability to file a personal injury claim against the driver believed responsible for the crash and his employer. In order for such a claim to be successful, he will have to prove that negligence contributed to the wreck. If he can do that, between work comp insuranceĀ — if approvedĀ — and a well-managed legal claim, a Florida civil court may award the victim a monetary judgment that couldĀ provide fair and full compensation for his losses.

Source:, “Man in serious condition after semi truck wreck“, Sept. 4, 2017

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