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Rules for property managers when evicting tenants

Property managers are people who are charged with taking care of real estate property. Property managers can also be firms who deal with real estate matters for a specific fee. Usually, owners who cannot deal with their own property hire property managers to do their dealings for them. Evicting tenants is one of the duties of property managers. There are several rules that must be followed when formally evicting tenants.

Eviction notices may be sent if the tenant is doing something wrong or violating the terms of the lease. Property managers must give the tenant a certain amount of time to make things right. For example, if the tenant has not paid rent, you must provide them with some time to fulfill this obligation. The property manager also has to send the notice by mail to the tenant, if they are violating the terms of the agreement.

Quit notices are difficult for the tenant to handle. Some states do not allow property managers to send out quit notices directly. There must be a record of prior notices sent that were not fulfilled and sufficient time allowed to make the necessary changes before opting for a quit notice. Sending out an eviction notice without cause is also possible, but you must provide 30 to 60 days to the tenant so they can sort out their situation.

If you have been sent an eviction notice, it is important to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney. The attorney might be able to help defend your right to stay on the property or provide you more time to get things in order.

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