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No Trespassing: And Other Real Estate Disputes

You finally moved into your dream house in Florida. Everything was going just fine until you found yourself smack dab in the middle of a contentious real estate dispute. Whether your fight is with your neighbor, a local governing body, or a commercial realtor, it’s understandable that you want to find the best means to resolve any real estate disputes in as quick and economically feasible a fashion as possible.

Most frequently disputed real estate issues

Are the issues you are currently facing listed among the most common types of real estate disputes, below?

  • Trespassing claims: Whether someone has accused you of trespassing or someone has infringed upon your property, these types of claims often evoke strong emotions on both sides.
  • Easement issues: Have you been denied a right-of-way? Or, have you received a letter in the mail informing you that a portion of your property is being absorbed into a major roadway project?
  • Boundary debates: Is there a disagreement between you and your neighbor as to where your property ends and/or begins? These types of issues often involve fencing, planting trees, cutting down of trees, or placement of outbuildings.
  • Construction issues: Has someone tried to stop you from building a new addition to your home? Or, is another builder encroaching upon your property?

Whether your real estate problem is listed above, or, you are dealing with a different type of issue, it can be a real headache to try to resolve such problems on your own. The laws that govern such matters are often complex and, many times, terminology in a contract or official document is difficult to understand.

Seeking clarification of real estate laws

Before you determine how best to proceed to resolve your real estate problems, it may be best to consult with someone who can clarify existing laws and help you explore what options may be available to secure a positive outcome in your favor.

A business and commercial law attorney can provide many services that may prove as valuable assets to you in your quest for amicable solutions, such as the following:

  • Review the situation in relation to the law: An attorney can carefully analyze the fine details of your dispute and let you know where you stand according to current real estate laws.
  • Skilled negotiation: Many attorneys are experienced negotiators who can attempt to achieve a peaceable solution on your behalf with your neighbor or whoever is involved.
  • Aggressive litigation: Let’s face it. Sometimes, real estate disputes appear unresolvable without appealing to the court for assistance. As your personal advocate, an attorney can protect your rights and access every available option to obtain a fair and agreeable solution to your real estate problems.

Whether you’ve been living in your house for more than a decade, or, you haven’t even fully moved in yet, you can reach out for support to protect your interests and avoid further complications.

If your beautiful Florida home has become the center of a raging disagreement with a landlord, a tenant, property developer, or someone else, you can take concrete steps to address the situation in a thorough and assertive manner.

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