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Real estate disputes can have very real repercussions

Buying or selling property can be an enormous financial obligation and it comes with some risk as well. Considering all that can be on the line, from profits to the future of a company, it is crucial that these transactions be handled by people who understand the process and state real estate laws.

Failure to have legal guidance during any step of a real estate transaction can lead to severe consequences. In some cases, people can lose money; in other cases, they can lose their rights to property. However, with the help of an attorney, it can be possible to avoid some costly mistakes.

For instance, let’s consider a case where a landlord and tenant are negotiating a contract. If one party has an attorney and the other does not, the latter party can be at an enormous disadvantage and end up agreeing to unfavorable terms of giving up rights without realizing it.

One such term that can work against people who do not truly understand what they are signing is an arbitration clause. These clauses are commonly found in real estate contracts and essentially make litigation impossible in the event of a dispute. Whether this is right for you is something that you will want to examine and make a conscious decision on, not something you should agree to without knowing why.

This is just one clause in what can be an incredibly complicated document. If you don’t understand what protections you have and what you are giving up, you could wind up with a very expensive problem on your hands.

Considering all that is at stake when it comes to real estate agreements and contracts, it can be crucial that you take seriously your right to legal representation. The attorneys at our Florida law firm are available to discuss these and other related matters with you in order to help you avoid costly mistakes and protect yourself, your business and your assets. To learn more about our services and background, please visit our website.

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