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Pop singer sued by cosmetic company over name of health clubs

Most people know who Madonna is. Over the course of the last three decades she has recorded songs that have been popular with individuals around the world, including in the state of Florida. Fans of her music may not be aware that her empire extends beyond music, however. She is a partner in a fitness business called Hard Candy that has been in existence since 2010. Those who closely follow the star may be aware that Hard Candy was also the name of an album she released in 2008.

The singer and her business partners were recently named as defendants in a lawsuit filed in a Florida court. Initiated by Hard Candy cosmetics, that business alleges that Madonna and her partners engaged in practices that constituted unfair competition, as well as trademark infringement. The heart of the claim by the cosmetic firm, which has been around since 1995, is that customers are confused by the name’s use. Accordingly, it would like the name of the health clubs to be changed. Clubs can be found in the following cities: Toronto, Sydney, St. Petersburg, Santiago, Rome, Moscow, Mexico City and Berlin.

Lawsuits such as this one are not uncommon when one runs a business. Accordingly, to ensure it is in the best possible situation to deal with such a situation, it is important that businesses have legal representation that they can quickly turn to. Since time often equates money in the world of business, the sooner a matter is addressed, the better.

Whether this particular case will go to trial or be resolved in another way remains to be seen.

Source: Complete Music Update, “Madonna faces lawsuit over Hard Candy fitness business,” Chris Cooke, June 5, 2014

Mon Aug 27, 1:34pm

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