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How An Orlando Real Estate Litigation Attorney Can Assist With Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

You will want the assistance of an Orlando real estate litigation attorney for many situations, including a commercial leasing dispute. Here is how Carr Law Firm, P.A. can help with your case.

It does not matter if you are a landlord or a tenant in a commercial building, when you are dealing with a commercial leasing dispute, an Orlando real estate litigation attorney is someone that you want on your side. 

If You Are A Landlord: How We Can Help

As a property owner, the space that you lease to your tenants is your livelihood. To keep your business profitable, you need to make sure that your tenants are abiding by their lease agreements for the duration of your landlord and tenant relationship. Some common issues that may arise are:

  • Damage to property Orlando Real Estate Litigation Attorney
  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Wanting early termination of a commercial lease, and not making proper compensation
  • Making changes to the property outside of the terms of the lease
  • Using the property for unauthorized purposes¬†
  • Creating disturbances that affect the other tenants

If You Are A Tenant: How We Can Help

As a tenant of a commercial property, you rely on your landlord to provide an acceptable property for you to conduct business on within the terms of your lease agreement. Not all landlords uphold their end of the landlord and tenant relationship, and this is where an Orlando real estate litigation attorney can help. Here are some common problems with a commercial landlord that a tenant might encounter:

  • Attempting to collect fees and other payments not agreed upon in the lease agreement
  • Limiting access to areas of the property that should be accessible to you as part of the lease agreement
  • Refusal or failure to make necessary repairs to the property
  • Refusal to return a security deposit
  • Refusal or failure to provide services that were agreed upon in the lease agreement, such as maintenance or adequate security¬†

While many commercial landlord-tenant disputes can be resolved by simple agreement, litigation is sometimes necessary. This is where the legal advocacy and aggressive representation of an Orlando real estate litigation attorney is necessary.

Whether you are a landlord needing assistance with the eviction process, a tenant being accused of breaching your lease, or in any of the other situations that result in a commercial leasing dispute, do not wait any longer. Carr Law Firm, P.A. is here to help, so give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We will identify the solution that is best for you and the steps needed to resolve your dispute.

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