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Understanding Liability For Construction Defects | From An Orlando Construction Attorney

If you have recently discovered construction defects in your building, understanding who’s liable is the first step to fighting for your deserved resolution. As an Orlando construction attorney, we’re here to get you started and support you every step of the way.

We understand that the financial strain and time needed to solve a construction defect is often unavoidable, which fuels our aggressive representation of your rights as your chosen Orlando construction attorney. Here are the steps to understanding the liability of your construction defects when preparing yourself for litigation. 

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Parties Liable For The Defect 

With bigger builds come more intricacies, team members, and often multiple contractors. The construction site’s dynamic nature can make it difficult to determine responsibility for a defect found on your property. Whether this defect emerged during the construction or design phase of your build, start by locating the responsible parties. The liability of a defect doesn’t always fall only into the hands of the general contractor leading your project, so it’s important to investigate in order to identify the contributing parties that are directly responsible. Here are a few of the potential parties that may have liability: 

  • Builder worker with grinder machine cutting metal parts at construction site Engineers 
  • Subcontractors 
  • General Contractors 
  • Architects
  • Suppliers
  • Design Professionals 


As an Orlando construction attorney, we can help you uncover and analyze who may be liable through a consultation. Fill out this form for a consultation on how our team of expert attorneys can best serve you. In order to help you find the best resolution to your defect, it is imperative that we start with a thorough understanding of the details of your case.


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