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When To Proceed With Legal Action In Orlando Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes

If you’ve allowed tenants to rent your property and have reason to believe they are violating the rental agreement, you may be in need of legal representation. Here’s an overview of when we think it’s best to proceed with legal action for Orlando commercial landlord tenant disputes.

There’s a reason why leasing agreements work. It protects all parties involved in Orlando commercial landlord tenant disputes. It’s important to ensure that your legal paperwork is in good condition at the front end of the landlord-tenant relationship. This is crucial when navigating these disputes. If you don’t have a written lease agreement properly signed by all parties , give us a call. You must be protected. 

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When There Is Nonpayment Of Rent 

The most frequent Orlando commercial landlord tenant disputes are when a tenant stopped paying their agreed-upon rent. Varying reasons can be part of the context in this type of disagreement, so seeking a thorough understanding of the communications and agreed upon late payment plan is the first step when navigating resolutions here. 


We have extensive experience in representing both landlords and tenants in negotiating desirable outcomes for the clients we represent oftentimes without having to go to trial. As for your dispute’s specific needs and the willingness of both parties to find a favorable outcome, that’s yet to be determined. It’s important that you have proper representation

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We’re confident that we can represent your real estate litigation needs through aggressive representation. Do not just take our word for it though, see this recent review we received from a client who agrees that we were a benefit to their case:

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