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Our Expertise As A Melbourne Accident Injury Attorney

With over 35 years of combined experience representing personal injury cases in Central Florida, here is an overview of our expertise as a Melbourne accident injury attorney. 

Personal injury claim

When it comes to finding the right attorney to represent your personal injury case, it’s a good idea to start with some research. We recommend looking into our portfolio of notable cases to see our level of expertise and legal experience as a Melbourne accident injury attorney firsthand. Our law firm’s commitment to aggressively fighting for your rights, combined with the experience of holding such merit in the courtroom, can work to achieve the conclusion you deserve. 


Availability & Attentiveness 

Reflected in the nature of a good personal injury attorney is the meticulous attention to every detail surrounding your case. This requires an attentive legal professional to understand, file, plan, and represent your needs. Mitzi Sommer Carr grew up in Brevard and is now accepting personal injury cases in the area to better serve the community she came from. With years of experience working in this litigation area and location, we are eager to represent our clients while keeping their best interests in mind throughout all of the proceedings. Fill out this form to start working with us today. 

Understanding & Commitment 

The empathy involved with handling personal injury cases is non-negotiable. When you’re looking for the right Melbourne accident injury attorney to help you navigate your claim, such heart should be reflected in your professional relationship with them. Our team of attorneys is committed to showcasing a superior level of compassion as we seek a greater understanding of your situation and fight for you. 

Hands of businessman and businesswoman in official clothing standing in office and making agreement holding hands, close-up. Business people, negotiations, people working with Melbourne Accident Injury Attorney cases. Whether you or your loved ones have suffered from an injury, you’re entitled to justice and compensation. As your Melbourne accident injury attorney, we can help you obtain the closure you need to move forward. Contact us today to learn more about how we’d represent your personal injury case.

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