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Legal support necessary when it comes to construction disputes

Whether you are involved in the construction of a single home or a huge commercial building, you can find yourself dealing with a number of issues regarding construction law. From securing land to completing the construction, there are many different actions and agreements that will need to be in compliance with state, federal and local laws or else legal disputes can arise.

In best-case scenarios, construction projects are completed with few or no legal disruptions. However, if and when a disagreement does arise, it can be very complicated to resolve them.

For example, let’s consider a generic situation involving the construction of an office building in downtown Orlando. At virtually any stage of the project, legal complications can arise.

Before the building even begins, there can be disputes about land use and zoning permissions. There may be concerns raised about potential environmental violations or securing the appropriate permits which can lead to costly delays and call certain terms of a contract into question.

Once the project is underway, employment laws may come into play. In some cases, there may be arguments over hiring practices and training. In the event of an accident, an injured worker may cite unsafe work environments or inadequate safety measures in a legal claim.

After the building has been completed, there can be problems collecting payment. If, for example, the customer is not pleased with the final product or believes that contractors or subcontractors cut corners, there can be extensive complications in seeking payment requiring legal action.

These and many other types of disputes can arise during the course of a construction project. In order to resolve them in a timely and fair manner, it can be crucial for all parties to have the support and guidance of an attorney who is familiar with the numerous laws specific to the construction industry.

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