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How long-range strategic plans could affect Florida businesses

In our last post, we briefly discussed the recent announcement that the Florida Supreme Court will be implementing an updated long-range strategic plan. This plan, as we discussed in that post, reflects a shift toward enhancing and delivering effective services and implementing them in a fair, efficient manner.

This plan is quite comprehensive and readers across Florida may struggle to understand if and how the new plans will affect them. In this post, we will take a look at how one group in particular might be impacted by the changes: Florida business owners.

Let’s consider a dispute between two companies that have signed a contract with each other. Should a dispute arise, there are several obstacles that stand between them and a resolution.

Obstacles including strained resources and inconsistent procedures and forms could make it difficult for parties involved in a dispute to know what to expect in terms of resolution and timeliness. Examining workloads and creating uniform procedures could help eliminate these obstacles.

Bias and inaccessibility to legal services make it difficult for people to obtain relief. In the event of a contract dispute, one party should not prevail because it has more money or familiarity with the legal system. Making the legal system more accessible and giving court workers the tools they need to properly assess each case are recommended as ways to ensure justice is delivered fairly and effectively.

The plan also recommends modernizing court facilities and technological solutions as a way to protect the integrity of each case. Issues like data breaches could jeopardize confidential information including trade secrets and compromise the trust and expectations we have in the legal system.

Finally, promoting and enhancing alternative dispute resolution tools have been identified as ways to help parties move through the legal system more easily. In the case of a contract dispute, then, parties would ideally have access to constructive and fair resources to resolve the issue without the additional cost and time that comes with litigation.

As noted in the long-range strategic plan, there are many obstacles that stand between parties and a fair resolution to legal disputes. If you find yourself facing these obstacles as a Florida business owner, you can work with an attorney to address and overcome them in the pursuit of a fair, agreeable solution.

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