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Hotel accidents can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare

Families from across the world flock to Orlando to visit Disney World and soak up the gorgeous Florida weather. Kids, adults and even Super Bowl champions dream about being able to say they are coming here. However, for too many people, the dream of coming to Orlando ends up being a nightmare.

This happens when people suffer serious injuries or death in an accident at their hotel or rental property. These accidents can be catastrophic, and it can be crucial for families to understand their rights in the event of serious injuries while visiting Orlando.

Property owners in Florida are expected to maintain safe premises for tenants and visitors. This includes clearing walkways, installing proper lighting, fixing broken elevators and properly securing swimming pools.

These responsibilities are especially important in places like hotels where people are paying to stay someplace safe, secure and relaxing. Visitors should be able to expect reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent any type of injury or illness, though that does not always happen.

While there are some accidents that may be unavoidable or out of a property owner’s hands, others are the result of negligence and could have been avoided. Figuring out if a specific accident could have been avoided will be crucial in informing victims and their families of their rights.

For instance, recently a 12-year-old boy was visiting Florida with his family when he drowned in a resort pool. In the wake of this and similar devastating accidents, it is necessary to investigate what may have caused the accident. Was the pool improperly secured? Was there supposed to be a lifeguard on duty? Was it a catastrophic fluke accident that no one could have predicted?

Depending on how these and numerous other questions are answered, families in a similar situation can gauge their legal rights and options. If there is evidence that the pool was unsafe, unsecured or otherwise a threat to a person’s safety, then the property owner responsible for maintaining the pool can and should be held accountable for damages.

Accidents like drownings are among the worst that people suffer in hotels, and the damages are often extensive. However, with the guidance and support of an attorney, victims and their families can collect the compensation they need and deserve to help them recover from a tragic accident.

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