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Homeowners: Watch out for these 5 types of construction defects

When you are having construction done on your home, you are likely going to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. After all, renovations, updates, expansions or improvements to your home can make it a better place to live, but these projects are often expensive and can seriously disrupt your home life.

Unfortunately, these headaches don’t always end when construction ends. This can certainly be the case if there are construction defects that jeopardize the safety, integrity or stability of your home. If you own a home that is under construction, or if you are about to start construction projects, then you should be aware of some common construction defects.

As noted in this FindLaw article, some examples of common defects include:

  • Water or moisture issues (mold, leaking, poor drainage)
  • Structural problems (shifting, materials tearing apart, collapses)
  • Landscaping problems (expansive or collapsing soils)
  • Product failures or use of inadequate products (toxic, improper or defective materials)
  • Heating/cooling and electrical issues (ungrounded receptacles, improper ducts, air unit vents and condensation drains)

These are just some of the various defects that can put a homeowner and others in danger because they can make a home unsafe and unstable.

In cases where the defect is obvious, action can be taken to correct the defect before construction is completed. These are patent defects. When the defect is less obvious and you don’t find out about it until long after construction has been completed, it is a latent defect.

If you find yourself dealing with a defect in your home resulting from construction, it can be crucial that you consult an attorney to assess your legal options. If you have grounds to file a claim, you could collect damages that cover the cost of repair, any decline in the value of your home and any other expenses you incurred as a result of the defect.

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