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Higher commercial property values may prompt real estate disputes

Readers are likely well aware of how hard property values in the state of Florida were hit as a result of the recession that struck in the first decade of this century. After several years of low property values research conducted by Green Street Advisors indicates that commercial property values have rebounded and continue to climb throughout the United States. In fact, in March of this year they were up 87 percent since their lowest mark in 2009. What’s more, they are 14 percent higher now, than they were at their last peak, in 2007.

The higher property values could translate into more commercial property activity such as sales, leases and construction. This activity could in turn lead to more disputes related to the processes and transactions. The disputes could take many forms including issues with property developers, real estate brokers, title disputes and between landlords and tenants.

Regardless of the nature of the dispute, when an individual or business finds that it is involved in a disagreement involving commercial real estate, it is important to take steps to make sure that its interests are being protected. This is usually best accomplished by working with a business and real estate lawyer.

Depending on the specific situation there are several ways that commercial property disputes could be resolved. If alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation are not effective, a case could go to trial. Arbitration could also be used. In any of these situations having an attorney well versed in these various method s is imperative.

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