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Helping businesses that have suffered trade secret infringement

There are many different things that could potentially give a company a leg up over the competition. Examples of such things include: superior products, strong marketing, a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality. Another such thing is the information the business has. A company’s product information, client information, systems and ideas can play a big role in the company’s competitive strength.

Some of a company’s information may qualify as trade secrets. Many businesses put significant effort towards keeping their trade secrets carefully protected. One example of such a protection effort is having employees sign non-compete agreements.

Unfortunately, sometimes even after taking major steps to protect a trade secret, a company suffers a trade secret infringement, such as a former employee supplying the trade secret to a competitor. A business may worry that such an infringement could cause a loss of customers, an erosion of competitive strength or other things that could be harmful to the ability to make profits. So, for many businesses, a trade secret infringement does not merely represent a leak of information, but a serious potential threat to their future.

Thus, it can be vital for businesses that have suffered trade secret infringements to understand what options they have for responding to the infringements and what steps, given their situation, might be able to help them keep their rights and interests protected.

Our firm can help businesses that have been the victim of trade secret infringement with multiple different avenues of trying to satisfactorily resolve their trade secret infringement matter. We can help such companies with trying to negotiate a resolution. We can also help such companies with pursuing litigation if negotiation fails to yield a workable result. We work diligently to help our clients find the resolution option that works best for them and their future.

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