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Ground broken on Central Florida shopping center

In what can only be seen as a good sign regarding the state of Florida’s economy ground was recently broken for what is being described as the biggest retail project in Central Florida, in years. The shopping center, which is the result of three entities working together, will cover 437,000-square feet.

Those 437,000-square feet will be filed with restaurants and retailers. In addition to being pedestrian-friendly, it will also be accessible by train. A train station is slated to be constructed nearby. In fact, one of the entities involved in the project, Tupperware Brands Corp., made that station possible by deeding property for the station for to the Florida Department of Transportation.

The commercial development will of course result in the creation of jobs once completed as the stores and restaurants will need workers to keep the businesses going. Similarly, the construction process will also bring jobs to the area.

There are many matters that will need to be addressed in the course of the construction of the $60 million project. In addition to securing contractors and subcontractors to build the complex, there is also the matter of securing tenants. Once tenants are identified, this involves creating leases and addressing any disputes that might later arise. Thus far several tenants have agreed to lease space in the development.

An undertaking such as this one is has many working parts. Accordingly, to make things run as smoothly as possible, lawyers with knowledge of commercial real estate is necessary. In addition to addressing issues related to commercial real estate as they arise, legal counsel may also reduce the number of instances in which their use is necessary.

Source: Orlando Business Journal, “Big deal: Tupperware’s new shopping center is C. Fla.’s largest retail project in years,” Anjali Fluker, April 9, 2014

Mon Aug 27, 1:26pm

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