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Florida vacation home built on wrong lot

There are many things that could prompt an individual or entity to file a lawsuit related to a construction project. Among other things these lawsuits may be the result of the quality of work performed, the failure of work to be completed as contracted or the use of construction materials that are subpar. As a situation currently developing in the state of Florida illustrates, issues could also arise as a result of where the construction takes place.

This particular situation involves a 5,000-square-foot vacation home that was built on the wrong lot. The three story home was built on the lot adjacent to the one where it was supposed to be located. Its estimated construction value is $680,000. The error was not discovered until six months after the home was completed.

Currently the builder of the home is seeking to resolve the matter with the owner of the lot on which the home was mistakenly built. According to the vice president of the building company, the business hopes to handle the matter without involving lawyers. Whether this approach will work, remains to be seen.

For many individuals and businesses dealing with a construction disputes it is advisable to do so with the assistance of an attorney who handles such cases. This is because in many cases involving construction matters the amount of money involved is sizable and the outcome of the dispute could greatly impact the financial health of the parties involved. A lawyer can help to make sure that your best interests are being taken into account throughout the process of resolving the dispute.

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