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Florida Supreme Court to implement new long range strategic plan

Florida’s judicial branch has updated its long-range strategic plan, taking into consideration demographic, economic, social, technological and legal challenges… likely to face the state’s courts through the year 2021, Chief Justice Jorge Labarga said Tuesday. One issue is identified as “deliver justice effectively, efficiently, and fairly” and has six goals, which include performing judicial duties and administering justice “without bias or prejudice” and ensuring “the fair and timely resolution of all cases through effective case management.” Another issue focuses on enhancing “access to justice and court services.” “The judicial branch must strive to identify and remove real or perceived barriers to better provide meaningful access to the courts,” the plan reads.  In the new long-range plan, the access issue, which is not limited to civil cases, has six goals, which include making sure court procedures and operations are easily understandable and userfriendly and promoting the use of innovative and effective problem-solving courts and alternative dispute resolutions processes.

Mon Aug 27, 3:52pm

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