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Florida property owner unhappy with quality of construction work

It is not uncommon for homeowners to make improvements to their homes. While in some situations those individuals are able to complete those improvements on their own, more often they pay someone to do it for them. The assumption is that the business or individual they hire will complete that project in a manner that is not only correct, but of a certain quality as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the way that things work. When a construction project is not completed or poorly done, a homeowner may decide to take legal action.

A Florida property owner is doing that very thing. She alleges that the business hired to complete repairs on a house she owns, is not providing a high enough quality of workmanship. The contractor has already been paid in full and allegedly told the woman that he was “done here.”

The reason the contractor received the full payment despite not completing the work in a manner that met the expectations of the property owner is because the work was being done as a part of an insurance claim. Accordingly, the insurance company made the payment.

The business believes that it is actually still owed money and that the property owner breached the contract the two had. The construction company says that it is owed $8,250 and that it was not allowed to finish the work on the house it was hired to do.

As is the case in many breach of contract cases, the matter is complex. Accordingly, it makes sense that both sides have retained attorneys to help them work through the process.

Source: First Coast News, “Homeowner to remodeling company: Fix my house,” Ken Amaro, Sept. 2, 2014

Mon Aug 27, 1:51pm

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