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Florida detox center seeking zoning relief faces opposition

One very important issue that a business owner may have to consider is how to comply with zoning laws. It is important to understand the laws that regulate a proposed business site because they can affect how the property may be used and any future renovations or changes that the owner may wish to make. Zoning, especially when it relates to businesses that are near neighborhoods, can often be a very hot topic.

A recent example comes out of Juno Beach, where neighbors are getting ready to put up a fight against a company’s request for zoning relief. The facility, which some nearby residents thought was just a group home for rehabilitating addicts, recently sent out a letter notifying neighbors about the request.

It turns out the facility has seemingly been operating as a detox center, although without approval to do so. A lawyer for the town sent the company a letter notifying those in charge that they are violating town codes. Those codes are exactly what the company’s request is all about. If the request is granted, they will be able to legally operate as a detox center, which is something some nearby residents are against.

At a public hearing scheduled for next week, town officials will likely hear from both sides on this topic. A dispute over zoning is only one of many issues that may arise when it comes to commercial real estate litigation. No matter what the issue, seeking experienced representation may go a long way toward reaching a favorable resolution.

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Fri Aug 24, 5:46pm

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