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Did your product injure a consumer?

Product liability law protects consumers from dangerous products, and allows them to pursue legal actions against manufacturers. All products must meet consumer expectations. If a product fails to meet reasonable expectations and that leads to physical injury, the consumer may sue the company for damages. Several product liability disputes are settled out of court, as companies do not want to damage their reputation.

There are three major types of product liability defects. Manufacturing and Design defects cause injury to the consumer because of mistakes made during the manufacturing process. Marketing defects are failures of the manufacturer to provide adequate information which ensures consumer safety. Defective products that injure consumers may create problems for the manufacturer. The only proof required by the court is the injury and evidence that it was caused by the defect. To prove this, the plaintiff and their attorney may need to go through a pre-trial discovery process. In cases where the product defect is obvious, the prosecution might not require pre-trial discovery.

The defense attorney may use several strategies to protect the product manufacturers. One defense often used by attorneys is that the plaintiff failed to identify who was responsible for the defect. Another commonly used strategy is to place the blame on the consumer and argue that they altered with the product, or used it an unforeseeable way.

Businesses require experienced attorneys to represent them in product liability cases. These disputes may linger on and damage their reputation if not dealt with as soon as possible. If your business is facing a product liability case, it is advisable to contact an attorney. The attorney will assess your situation and try to come up with a reasonable defense strategy for you.

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