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Developer interested in Orlando park could face resistence

When a developer sets out to build on a plot of land there are many factors that need to be considered. While settling on a design navigating the relationship with the contractor may be tricky, some developers don’t even get that far before issues arise. For example, developers could face issues with securing the land or receiving permission to build on it.

This could be an issue for a developer in Orlando. The developer is hoping to build a midrise office/apartment complex on a park located near downtown Orlando.

The land is currently a park that covers one block. Though the park is leased and operated by the city, it is actually privately owned. This could mean that after providing 30 days notice to terminate the lease, the property could be sold to another party for development.

That may be easier said than done however. This is because found on that block is a live oak that is believed to be between 125 and 175 years old. Listed on Orlando’s “Significant Trees Map,” the tree is between 60 and 70 feet tall. Residents who are afraid that the tree will be cut down have started a petition to prevent that from happening.

Thus far no applications have been filed either for development or tree removal. In addition, the city’s lease with the owner of the property has not been terminated. Despite this, citizens have started a petition to save the tree.

Whether the interested developer will actually move forward and issues arise, remains to be seen. We will provide relevant updates as they become a vailable.

Mon Aug 27, 2:30pm

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