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Consumers to receive restitution from Florida material suppliers

When it comes to any type of construction project there are many things that go into it being successful. While certainly quality workmanship is a component, the materials used should meet a certain standard as well. In addition, the contracts entered into to secure these goods should meet certain requirements. When they don’t the success of an entire project can be at stake.

If there is something wrong with the way in which a material supplier conducts business with customers, legal action could be appropriate.

Several metal building companies in Florida are facing that reality now. The businesses—which manufacture and sell prefabricated or custom-made metal and steel buildings which are then assembled by the purchaser—are accused of the following:

  • Misrepresenting material facts pertaining to the sale
  • Refusing refunds to consumers
  • Unilaterally cancelling consumer contracts
  • Engaging in deceptive high-pressure sales

The Florida Attorney General recently announced that consumers who lodged complaints can expect restitution from the metal building companies. The companies entered into a settlement agreement in which approximately $500,000 in restitution will be provided to more than 500 consumers. In addition to paying restitution, the businesses also agreed to make an adjustment to their ongoing business practices.

While the new or renovated structure may be the focus for many who are involved in such an endeavor, to ensure that it is completing successfully, care should be taken every step of the process. When it isn’t, a project can take much longer and be more expensive than anticipated. In some cases it may make sense to seek assistance from a lawyer who understands the construction sector.

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