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Code violations can put a construction project in jeopardy

Building or renovating residential space can be much more complicated than people initially realize. Unexpected costs drive up expenses, delays lead to more carrying costs and problems with contractors or builders create tension and disputes that people would like to avoid.

In the midst of all these concerns, builders also need to stay focused on the integrity of the project and ensure that details are not overlooked and shortcuts are not being taken. When and if this happens, they can be cited for code violations. Unfortunately, this can happen more often than you think. In fact, a survey revealed that a code violation was identified in 45 percent of residential field inspections. In this post, we will explore some of the most common violations in an effort to help builders be aware of them and hopefully avoid them.

According to this article from The Journal of Light Construction, the following are some of the most common code violations identified in residential projects.

  • Failure to have proper documentation on site
  • Beams that are insufficient for the load supported
  • Braced wall panels with missing blocking
  • Improperly sized stairs
  • Missing or improper guardrails and handrails
  • Inadequate fire blocking to slow down the spread of flames in a fire
  • Compliance issues with air-barrier gaps and other energy codes

These are all issues that contractors should be aware of, but they can and do get missed resulting in code violations.

While a code violation here and there may not be a problem on any particular project, multiple and serious violations could lead to some considerable problems. In some cases, these problems require legal intervention to resolve them. Working with an attorney to assess the situation and address building code violations can be an effective way to protect yourself, the project and your bottom line.

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