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City of Orlando can use eminent domain to secure land for stadium

There are many residents of Orlando, Florida, who are soccer fans. Those individuals are probably closely watching the city as it seeks to secure land for a new stadium. It appears that an initial hurdle was cleared earlier this month. The city of Orlando was informed that it could use eminent domain to take property located in the Parramore neighborhood, to use for the stadium. It needs close to 2 acres and as a result of a court ruling, will be able to obtain that land without the permission of the individuals who currently own it.

This ruling does not mean that the deal is done however. The city must still work throughout the eminent domain process before it is able to claim the property as its own. This will be accomplished through the process of mediation at which all interested parties will be involved.

In addition to determining a price for the parcels the city just received permission to take, it will also start the process of obtaining another parcel of land upon which a church currently sits. Previous attempts to purchase that land outright, were unsuccessful, with the difference between the initial offer and counteroffer, being $33.5 million.

In the development of commercial real estate, determining the amount that will be paid for the land to be used is an important first step. Once the city owns the land, the next steps, such as the design and construction of the soccer stadium, will commence. All of these matters can be complex. For this reason, it is imperative that all parties involved work with professionals familiar with the process. In most situations this means a lawyer will be consulted.

Source: Orlando Business Journal, “What’s next for downtown Orlando soccer stadium land grab,” Anjali Fluker, Feb. 5, 2014

Fri Aug 24, 7:22pm

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