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Business dispute involves Winter Park barbeque restaurant

A disagreement involving a barbeque restaurant in Winter Park, Florida, is currently taking place between the founder and others who formerly owned part of the restaurant business. The location in question was closed at the end of last year. Following the closing, some of the owners sold their stock in the business, Bubbalou Inc., to a developer who is tied to a development in the area. The developer’s intent behind that purchase was to reopen the closed restaurant at another location within the development.

Before the developer could implement his plan however, the founder took action. He reopened the restaurant location that had been closed, situated near the development. In addition, he filed a lawsuit against the former owners claiming that he owns 22.5 percent of Bubbalou’s stock and alleging that before selling the stock to the developer, the once owners failed to follow proper procedures. It is unclear what he seeking in the lawsuit though presumably he wants to be able to operate the restaurant location he recently reopened.

The stock purchase led to the developer becoming president of Bubbalou Inc. Though thus far he has not taken any action in response to the reopening of the restaurant, he indicated that he plans to use the law in whatever way he can to address the situation.

Both the founder and the developer have a lot at stake in this disagreement. Because any agreement that is reached in the matter will impact each side financially, it makes sense that both sides either have, or will, seek legal representation from lawyers who understand how these cases generally work.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Bubbalou’s dispute brewing in Winter Park,” Sandra Pedicini, March 24, 2014

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