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Backyard beekeeping is all the buzz for many entrepreneurs

A growing trend in Florida and throughout the nation has seen more and more individuals trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is great not only for those looking to improve their health but also for business owners who are looking into cashing in on this movement. One example of a business that has taken off over the last year in Florida has been beekeeping. The number of backyard beekeepers who are interested in pollinated their own garden has increased, according to the Orange Blossom Beekeeping Association.

Many attribute the buzz around beekeeping to the media’s attention to the phenomena known as colony-collapse disorder. This disorder has been linked to the decimation of colonies throughout the nation endangering billions of dollars in agricultural crops. The disease has wiped out about 10 million hives over the last seven years.

In order to help crops around the country, one local beekeeper travels all the way to California each year. He loads a flatbed truck with his hives and makes the 2,700-mile trek to lend a hand at pollinating California’s $3.9 billion almond crop. California is one of the states in the nation that has been hit particularly hard by the bee-killing disease. Traveling hives, such as this man’s, fill a growing need.

Because of the loss of hives, some beekeepers that once earned their money transporting their hives across the country are now shifting their business plans to help eager beekeepers right here in the state. The growing interest in healthy homegrown foods has prompted many homeowners to learn how to set up hives in their own gardens. In fact, according to Florida’s Department of Agriculture the number of registered beekeepers has risen from 900 to over 3,000 in just five years.

Creating a business that reflects a lifelong passion is many entrepreneurs’ dream come true. However, it is important that your dream does not turn into a nightmare by not knowing the necessary steps to take in order to protect your hard work. Seeking the advice of a business attorney can help put many of those concerns to rest so you can concentrate on turning those dreams into reality.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Backyard hives keep area bee biz buzzing amid threat,” Ludmilla Lelis, Aug. 25, 2013

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