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Architectural flaws can lead to costly repairs

When construction begins on any project, it is crucial that workers and contractors comply with approved plans. Failure to follow these plans can lead to serious delays, setbacks and structural problems.

However, if it is the plans that are flawed, the project could be doomed from the very beginning. In the event that architectural or design flaws lead to costly problems in the building or reconstruction of a project, disputes can and do arise that need legal resolutions.

Architectural flaws are not uncommon. In fact, as noted in this article titled, “10 Famous Structures With Catastrophic Hidden Flaws,” many of the most famous buildings have gone through extensive changes to address serious (and in some case deadly) design problems. While the structures discussed in the article are certainly unique, the flaws that they contain or used to contain are not.

There are many different types of flaws that could compromise the integrity of any construction or renovation project. Everything from the use of inappropriate materials and engineering problems to issues of structural integrity could lead to serious problems that are expensive to fix.

Fixing these flaws is one thing; figuring out who will have to pay to do so is another. In many cases, there are at least two very different opinions on who is to blame and who should be responsible for paying for the completed work as well as any future work that may be needed. Considering the fact that there can be a lot at stake in these types of construction disputes, it is generally a good idea to work with an attorney whether you are going through arbitration, mediation or litigation to resolve the matter.

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