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All types of construction defects can cause serious problems

Defects in construction might lead to catastrophic consequences. This could result in hefty litigation for those involved in the construction process. Problems with designing, planning, construction or supervision can be classified as defects in cases where the structure is not built according to the required standard. All the work should be done in a professional manner to make sure the outcome is reasonable. There are four basic types of construction defects: design deficiencies, material deficiencies, construction deficiencies and subsurface deficiencies.

Design deficiencies are faults in a building’s design that may lead to horrendous defects. Architects and engineers are both involved in the designing process. They may face litigation if the designs are not up to the mark. Designers must follow some specific codes when working on a project. Failure to do so leads to typical design errors like water penetration and drainage problems.

Choosing the right materials is one of the most important parts of a construction project. Building materials must meet the standards set in the industry to avoid certain defects. Using inferior materials may lead to problems for the buyer in the future. The materials could fail to perform according to the requirements and might need repairs sooner than expected. Material deficiencies are the major cause of cracks and leaks within a structure.

Some construction deficiencies are caused due to a poor quality of work. Workers might not have the skills required for the job. The contractor should make sure the workers have all the skills required and that they are implementing them on the project.

Another type of construction defect is a subsurface deficiency. It can be defined as the defect caused due to the soil on which the structure has been built. Some buildings are constructed on hills and mountains while others on a more stable ground. Lack of solid ground underneath the structure may lead to severe complications.

If your company has constructed a building that is showing glimpses of one or more of these defects, it is advisable to hire an attorney. An experienced construction litigation attorney will go through your case and try to negotiate a settlement, or take your case to court.

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