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Turf installer files lawsuit before Super Bowl

While many individuals throughout the Orlando, Florida area are busy planning the menus for their upcoming Super Bowl parties, there is a controversy brewing concerning the material on which the game will be played. The company that installed the turf at MetLife Stadium last summer recently filed a lawsuit against several entities seeking money it says it is still owed for installing the turf.

The installers claim that they were hired to install the turf in exchange for $417,000. Despite completing the project in approximately half the time it usually takes, Taylor Turf Installation Inc. claims it was only paid $125,000. Accordingly, it is seeking more than $292,000 for the work it completed.

In addition to New Meadowlands Stadium Co. LLC, Turf Industry Inc., doing business as UBU Sports, was named as a defendant in the case. According to a spokesperson for MetLife Stadium, the turf installer’s issue is not with the operator of the stadium, but rather UBU Sports as that was the business Taylor Turf contracted with to do the work.

The Super Bowl will likely be long over before this issue is resolved. It is possible that this could occur via a settlement. In the alternative, the case could go to trial. In either situation, because these matters are usually complex and often involve large amounts of money, businesses facing breach of contract matters usually work with business lawyers to reach a resolution. While attempting to recover the money is says it is owed, it is unclear whether employees of Taylor Turf will tune into the game to see the fruit of their labor.

Source: The Washington Post, “Lawsuit focuses on tab for Super Bowl venue’s turf,” Jan. 24, 2014

Fri Aug 24, 7:19pm

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