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Orlando Business & Commercial Law Blog

Dispute between satellite television provider and CBS resolved

Earlier this month individuals who subscribe to Dish Network for satellite television may have experienced a blackout of CBS programming which lasted for 12 hours. A technical glitch was not to blame for this outage. Instead, a contractual dispute between the two prompted the network to go off the air for a time. The programming was restored as soon as the dispute was resolved.

Disputes such as this one are not all that uncommon currently. As networks are seeking to maintain digital rights to their programming and receive higher rates, distributors are trying to continue to make money by keeping a lid on programming costs. The desire for both sides to make a profit can result in difficulties reaching an agreement.

Partnership agreement contents could impact resolution of dispute

Businesses located in the Orlando, Florida, area are organized in different ways. Depending on the goals of the business it is possible that it could be in the form of a business partnership. Because litigation is always a possibility in business it is vital that the partnership agreement created include certain things.

The first is the duties that each partner will undertake. The responsibilities that should be outlined include the important management duties, decision-making power and level of authority.

Commercial development held up by issue regarding sidewalks

The process of developing commercial property can be complicated. Depending on the specific circumstances of a commercial development, a wide variety of issues could arise to throw things off course. As a situation playing out in South Florida illustrates, something seemingly as minor as a sidewalk can have a big impact. A condo project involving two towers and 160 units has yet to begin as a result of the issue.

Nondisclosure agreements and trade secret disputes

There are many tools that a small business in the state of Florida might opt to use to protect the things it relies upon to succeed. When it comes to confidential information, a nondisclosure agreement may be utilized. This type of contract could be used between a business and an employee, or in the alternative, another business.

A typical nondisclosure agreement will contain several elements. The first is information regarding just what the confidential information addressed in the contract is, as well as any exclusions. Next, it will set forth the duties and obligations of the party on the receiving end of the information. Last, it will provide information regarding the period of time during which the agreement will be enforceable and valid.

Even in favorable climate no business is immune to legal disputes

According to a recent study, individuals considering going into business for themselves who reside in the Orlando, Florida, area are well positioned. The study, conducted by NerdWallet, determined that the city ranks in the top 20 nationwide for young entrepreneurs.

The factors taken into consideration in making this designation include:

  • Access to funds.
  • Networking.
  • Mentorship.
  • Affordability.
  • Local economy.

The fact that the University of Central Florida Business Incubator program as well as the National Entrepreneur Center, are both based in Orlando likely contribute to that finding. In addition, Orlando ranked high when it comes to per capital rates of small business loans—at $386.85 per loan.

Tips to help small businesses from being sued

When many people decide to go into business for themselves it is because they are passionate about the type of business they are going into. As a result they may focus on the subject of their business and not think much about the related issues. Some of those related issues that should be considered are those that are legal in nature.

Loan modification may be option for commercial property owner

Businesses are not always immediately successful and without taking the proper steps when warranted, a business might not make it. Many different problems could arise in the course of running such an endeavor including, an occasional issue with making ends meet. Depending on the specifics surrounding each situation it is possible that various approaches might be taken to remedy the problem. A business lawyer might be able to provide options on how a business might be saved.

The importance of keeping an independent judiciary

Our founding fathers shed blood to ensure a nation with 3 independent branches- Executive, Legislative and last, the Judiciary.  It is so important to keep our judiciary free from politics to not only uphold our Constitution, but to also keep our other 2 branches in check (attempt to keep them from corruption).  You can look at civil rights abuses for examples of how corruption and politics affected our judiciary.  Lobbyists are attempting to yet again politicize our Judiciary branch.  In the article below, "...judicial races have been evolving into another political battleground for big money. A last-minute surge of spending brought the total spent on television commercials to $12.1 million in 10 states, according to two groups that track judicial campaign spending. This election cycle, the spending race has been fueled by the Republican State Leadership Committee, which pledged to spend $5 million on a "judicial fairness initiative," and contributed $400,000 in North Carolina last week."

Florida vacation home built on wrong lot

There are many things that could prompt an individual or entity to file a lawsuit related to a construction project. Among other things these lawsuits may be the result of the quality of work performed, the failure of work to be completed as contracted or the use of construction materials that are subpar. As a situation currently developing in the state of Florida illustrates, issues could also arise as a result of where the construction takes place. 

Lawyer may be of assistance throughout life of business

When most people decide to start a business they are focused on getting the good or service being sold, to consumers. There are however many other matters that need to be addressed to keep a business running smoothly. Where many of these matters are concerned a lawyer can be of assistance.

Some of those matters are on the front end such as the creation of contracts with a variety of other parties. Others however occur after an agreement has been created and is then breached. These disputes can take a heavy toll on a business and even impact its bottom line. Accordingly, for businesses facing these situations it is important to do everything possible to make sure the business isn’t too negatively impacted.