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Self-driving car companies battle over technology

People all across Orlando are eagerly anticipating the arrival of self-driving cars, and several companies have been promising to deliver these vehicles in the very near future. However, in the race to be first at anything related to new technology, companies often run into legal obstacles that can create delays.

For instance, recently Waymo and Uber have been battling over technology that is critical to the creation of self-driving systems. The information is related to a laser-guided system that allows autonomous vehicles to operate properly. The disputes hinge on whether Uber is violating intellectual property laws and using Waymo-protected technology. 

Homeowners: Watch out for these 5 types of construction defects

When you are having construction done on your home, you are likely going to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. After all, renovations, updates, expansions or improvements to your home can make it a better place to live, but these projects are often expensive and can seriously disrupt your home life.

Unfortunately, these headaches don't always end when construction ends. This can certainly be the case if there are construction defects that jeopardize the safety, integrity or stability of your home. If you own a home that is under construction, or if you are about to start construction projects, then you should be aware of some common construction defects.

What are 'handshake agreements,' and are they binding?

If you are a baseball fan in Florida, you are likely aware that the Miami Marlins have had a challenging past few years, and it may not surprise anyone to learn that owner Jeffrey Loria is looking to sell the team. In fact, sources report that Loria has a "handshake agreement" with someone looking to buy the team for $1.6 million.

This story has left some people wondering what that means and asking the question in this post's headline. Are handshake agreements binding? And the answer is: maybe.

Commercial real estate issues that may arise in 2017

The commercial real estate market, much like the economy, has been recovering from the recession less than a decade ago. This has resulted in some volatility and unpredictability for tenants, landlords, developers and brokers since then. This year, however, experts in the commercial real estate industry forecast a more optimistic year ahead.

According to this article in the Sun Sentinel, commercial real estate markets across parts of Florida are expected to grow and get stronger in 2017. These predictions, along with the report we examined in our last post about the rate of business closures in metro areas around the U.S., might suggest that there could be certain trends in commercial real estate transactions and dispute of which people should be aware.

Don’t lose it all when you close a business

Running a business in Orlando is complicated and challenging, and it requires business owners to make some difficult decisions. One such decision could be deciding to close. Sadly, many business owners across the U.S. are making this very decision right now according to a recent report noting that, for the first time in several decades, the rate of company closures is exceeding the rate of company formations.

This means that if you are thinking of closing your business, you are not alone. However, you must also keep in mind that closing is as much a business decision as starting a company or merging with another company, and you will want to be cautious in how you proceed.

Time isn't on your side during construction delays

After saving and dreaming, you have finally decided the time is right to begin that construction project. You may be building a new home, adding on to your existing home or constructing a separate building, such as a garage or office. Any kind of construction is disruptive, and delays can end up costing you both money and peace of mind.

To minimize the problem of expensive, prolonged delays, meticulous planning and communicating well with your contractor are irreplaceable. While a detailed plan may not eliminate every delay or interruption, you may be able to reduce the level of stress when something stalls the forward progress.

Nonpayment of subcontractors can lead to construction liens

Any time a business starts, grows or moves there can be a need for some significant construction to be completed. Oftentimes, business owners hire a contractor to manage the jobs and hire subcontractors to complete the work so that they can remain focused on operating their business.

Business owners may believe or want to believe that they are then completely removed from the ins and outs of the construction work and agreements between contractors and subcontractors, but ultimately, business owners can pay the price for a construction dispute.

After a crash, what you can't see can hurt you

In the aftermath of a car accident, it is easy to look around you and be overwhelmed by what you see. Your car might be totaled; you and other victims may be cut, burned and bleeding; emergency workers can be arriving on the scene to take your statements.

But for many people, the things they cannot see wind up being the most painful. This is because there are many types of serious injuries suffered in a collision that are either difficult to identify or slow to develop. If you have recently been involved in an accident, we encourage you to keep your eye out for some of these seemingly invisible injuries.

What to do after a data breach, and how to avoid lawsuits

As any company that deals with sensitive customer information knows, the threat of a data breach is an ongoing concern. Companies often combat this threat with sophisticated security software designed to protect personal and financial data.

While prevention is important, it is also important to have protocol in place regarding what immediate actions need to take place in the event of a data breach. This should include steps your company can take to potentially avoid data breach lawsuits from consumers.

Protecting yourself from a fall

Slips, trips and falls are often considered minor incidences, perhaps eliciting more laughs than cries for help. However, did you know that every year, about 8 million trips are made to the emergency room by people who have fallen?

Falling accidents can be incredibly painful and cause serious damage, but there are ways you can try to protect yourself from the worst of it. 

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