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Florida personal injury: 3 injured, 1 dead following car crash

Several Florida teens were injured and one ultimately died following a single-vehicle car crash in Marion County. This incident occurred in early August. While this may have only involved the one automobile, the injured passengers and the surviving family members of the deceased may all be entitled to seek compensation for their losses by filing personal injury or wrongful death claims against the driver or owner of the vehicle.

According to a news report, the Florida Highway Patrol responded to a crash that occurred after midnight on August 3 in Ocala. The driver, a 19-year-old male, lost control of his vehicle while rounding a curve in the road. The car left the street, hit a fence and then struck a tree. Initially, the driver and three passengers were all transported to area hospital with injuries. A 15-year-old female, however, suffered critical injuries and died later that same day.

Think you don't need to read that contract? Think again

Contracts can be overwhelming documents, between the length of them and the fact that they are often full of legalese. Because of this, people can be tempted to just sign them and hope for the best.

However, this can be a very costly mistake, especially if the contract will dictate the expectations and boundaries of professional relationships. For reasons we examine below, you will want to be sure you read and review all contracts with an attorney prior to signing them.

Courts finally put 8-year construction dispute to rest

When a company announces plans to open up a business in a particular location, the hope is that residents and other businesses in the area welcome the addition. Or, at the very least, hopefully they don’t object to it.

If this happens and a person or group takes issue with the business, this could lead to serious construction disputes that cause costly – and lengthy – delays. For instance, one company was embroiled in this very type of dispute for nearly eight years before a court finally put the issue to rest. 

Researcher confirms high rate of CTE in football players

In any type of accident or collision, there is the potential for serious injury. In a motor vehicle accident, for instance, people can suffer broken bones and severe back injuries. Even if a collision involves something much smaller than a car -- like another human -- there is the potential for serious injuries.

This is the conclusion Dr. Ann McKee, a neuropathologist, reached after examining the brains of 111 deceased professional football players. She found that 110 of them show evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The condition is found in people who have suffered repeated blows to the head.

Are your trade secrets actually secret?

As an employer, there are likely certain business practices, tools or products that are unique to your company and valuable to its success. These can be trade secrets, which warrant legal protections. However, not all information qualifies as a trade secret.

This is the distinction at the center of a legal dispute between an olive oil distributor and a former employee who left to work at a rival company.

Non-Compete Agreements Under Scrutiny

States take vastly different approaches to non-compete agreements . This article explores the different public policy arguments relating to non-compete agreements. Idaho has taken a very different approach than California.  Non-conmpete agreements are void in California while Idaho's new law strengthens the enforcement of non-compete agreements. In Florida, non-compete agreements are sometimes enforceable and other times are not enforceable depending on several factors. If you have any questions or would like legal advice on whether your Florida non-compete agreement is enforceable, please contact Carr Law Firm, P.A. 

4 questions to consider before opening a second business location

Expanding your business into multiple locations is certainly an exciting prospect for any owner. Whether the expansion is prompted by demand, financial success or necessity, having two or more locations is typically a sign that your company is on the right track. However, adding a location is not a decision to be made lightly.

A recent Forbes article has some good tips for deciding when to open a second location as a business owner. In this blog post, however, we will focus on the real estate elements of operating a second (or subsequent) location. Before you decide to expand, consider these four questions.

Contract disputes may be more likely with oral agreements

A handshake used to make an honorable agreement between two people doing business. Unfortunately, when people rely on a handshake, they may end up in contract disputes that lead to litigation. For one couple in Florida, such a dispute took a bizarre turn when the contractor they hired to renovate their home failed to provide what he promised.

The homeowner and his wife lived in another state but purchased a house in Florida for their retirement home. When driving through the neighborhood, they noticed a contractor's van and obtained references from him. Impressed with the quality of his work and the positive words from neighbors, the couple arranged for the contractor to complete extensive renovations on their home during the months they would be in their home state. Their verbal contract was sealed with a handshake.

Speaker falls on client's head at Starwood's Dolphin Hotel

SUIT FILED: Our law firm recently filed suit on behalf of a nice lady and her husband from Arizona who sustained traumatic and debilitating injuries while staying at Starwood's Dolphin Hotel. Our client suffered traumatic brain injuries ("TBI") after she was struck on her head and knocked down and unconscious by a speaker that fell overhead. The speakers were being set up by PSAV near Starwood's pool area for a special event. Our client's claims include negligence and her husband's claim includes loss of consortium. Our client has had several surgeries as a result of this horrific fall and has permanently lost her sense of smell and taste. Her husband has lost his wife's companionship, services and support as a result of the TBI she suffers from as a result.

Defining lease terms crucial to resolving disputes

We often emphasize the importance of having a clear, comprehensive commercial lease in place, whether you are a landlord or tenant in Florida. However, even when you believe you have such an agreement in place, issues can and do arise.

For instance, recently, a dispute arose between a Whole Foods store in another state and the grocer's landlord. The argument centers on what each parties considers "beyond the control" of the landlord and the tenant.

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