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Factors to consider when resolving landlord-tenant disputes

The relationship between a landlord and tenant is typically a straightforward one. One party pays rent to the other in exchange for real estate space. In many cases, there is no reason for either party to challenge the other or the agreement in place.

When a dispute does arise, it has the potential to turn quite serious and there may be a lot on the line, including money and living or working space so it is wise to take these situations seriously. Resolving these matters in a timely, effective manner can save tenants and landlords time, money and anxiety. However, the method of real estate dispute resolution will depend on many factors. 

Legal guidance crucial in disruption and delay claims

Construction projects can be incredible undertakings, particularly when they are large, expensive or intrusive. In these situations, builders, developers and business owners are typically focused squarely on getting a job done on time and without going over their budget.

However, as any person who has been involved in construction, renovation or demolition could likely tell you, problems can and do happen and they can be costly. While they may all but inevitable, delays and disruptions could be foreseeable and are often addressed in a contract signed before the project begins.

Real estate disputes can have very real repercussions

Buying or selling property can be an enormous financial obligation and it comes with some risk as well. Considering all that can be on the line, from profits to the future of a company, it is crucial that these transactions be handled by people who understand the process and state real estate laws.

Failure to have legal guidance during any step of a real estate transaction can lead to severe consequences. In some cases, people can lose money; in other cases, they can lose their rights to property. However, with the help of an attorney, it can be possible to avoid some costly mistakes.

Are there holes in your non-compete agreement?

If you are currently bound by the terms of a non-compete agreement, you can find that your options for the future greatly hinge on that document.

As an employer, you can have the confidence of knowing that sensitive or confidential information about your company is protected and won't be released by employees who find jobs elsewhere. As an employee, you may find that you are prohibited from working in certain capacities for some time if you leave your current job. Considering how much this document can affect those involved, it can be crucial to make sure it is actually enforceable.

How long-range strategic plans could affect Florida businesses

In our last post, we briefly discussed the recent announcement that the Florida Supreme Court will be implementing an updated long-range strategic plan. This plan, as we discussed in that post, reflects a shift toward enhancing and delivering effective services and implementing them in a fair, efficient manner.

This plan is quite comprehensive and readers across Florida may struggle to understand if and how the new plans will affect them. In this post, we will take a look at how one group in particular might be impacted by the changes: Florida business owners.

Florida Supreme Court to implement new long range strategic plan

Florida's judicial branch has updated its long-range strategic plan, taking into consideration demographic, economic, social, technological and legal challenges... likely to face the state's courts through the year 2021, Chief Justice Jorge Labarga said Tuesday. One issue is identified as "deliver justice effectively, efficiently, and fairly" and has six goals, which include performing judicial duties and administering justice "without bias or prejudice" and ensuring "the fair and timely resolution of all cases through effective case management." Another issue focuses on enhancing "access to justice and court services." "The judicial branch must strive to identify and remove real or perceived barriers to better provide meaningful access to the courts,'' the plan reads.  In the new long-range plan, the access issue, which is not limited to civil cases, has six goals, which include making sure court procedures and operations are easily understandable and userfriendly and promoting the use of innovative and effective problem-solving courts and alternative dispute resolutions processes.

Trade secret theft lawsuit just one filed against Ford

Trade secrets and ownership of unique products and services can be crucial to the success of any business. These are the things that set one company apart from the competition. Business owners across Orlando know this and often go to great lengths to make sure they have confidentiality agreements, patents, copyrights and trademarks in place.

However, legally establishing privacy expectations and/or ownership is only half the battle. Making sure no one else violates these agreements for as long as they are in place is the other half. In order to do this, it can be necessary to take legal action against any parties that use or attempt to use protected materials without permission.

Think you're protected by a contract? Don't be so sure

Contracts are critical tools for any business. They define relationships and set rules for conduct when two parties agree to work with each other. If you own a business in Florida, chances are that you have at least a few contracts in place with partners, contractors, clients and others and rely on those documents to protect yourself.

However, if that contract is unenforceable, it may actually provide little or no protection whatsoever. Rather than learn this lesson the hard way when it comes time to try and enforce the terms set in a contract, it can be wise to review your contracts with an attorney sooner rather than later and identify any potential problems that exist or may come up.

Architectural flaws can lead to costly repairs

When construction begins on any project, it is crucial that workers and contractors comply with approved plans. Failure to follow these plans can lead to serious delays, setbacks and structural problems.

However, if it is the plans that are flawed, the project could be doomed from the very beginning. In the event that architectural or design flaws lead to costly problems in the building or reconstruction of a project, disputes can and do arise that need legal resolutions. 

As building plans change, construction disputes can arise

When it comes to new construction, the changing of plans is all but inevitable. Delays, unavailable materials, workforce complications, weather and many other issues can arise over the course of a project. This can be particularly true when it comes to bigger buildings and properties.

Being prepared for these complications and changes can be crucial for all parties involved. One way to be prepared is to have a plan in place for resolving any construction dispute that does arise. For example, concerns have come up regarding the cost of a new NFL stadium and who will have to pay for it.

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