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Orlando Business & Commercial Law Blog

Damage types in trade secret misappropriation claims

Depending on the nature of the business a company engages in, it is possible that a trade secret is a key component of its success. For businesses in this situation the misappropriation of a trade secret can be devastating. Accordingly, when this happens it is important to take legal action against the offender. This can be accomplished via a trade secret misappropriation claim.

There are several theories under which damages might be secured in a claim of this nature: unjust enrichment, reasonable royalty and actual damages.

Big box store receives push back from Florida community

Many people would agree that the close proximity of major stores often makes life easier. Throughout the state of Florida big box stores have popped up providing easy access to the goods we all rely upon. That said most homeowners want to enjoy their residential living area and don't want developments containing these retail stores too close.

A Florida community is currently dealing with this now.

Florida homeowners may protect property value via legal action

For many people, real estate is the most expensive thing that they will purchase. Because this is such a large investment for most it makes sense that property owners would do what they can to make sure that actions are not taken that would make the real estate value decline. In some instances this could involve taking legal action.

Residents of a wealthy enclave in a Florida community recently opted to take this course of action. The two homeowners are a part of a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Advocates seek to protect tenants living in foreclosed properties

In our last post we wrote about a couple who were facing foreclosure on a home that they sold many years before. In that post we mentioned that a lawyer could be of assistance in helping to resolve foreclosure issues. This is not the only type of foreclosure problem that someone could face.

Consumer advocates are taking steps to try to prevent another type of issue from occurring in the state of Florida. They are seeking to make language that was formerly a part of the federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, part of Florida state law. The law protected tenants of houses that were foreclosed upon from being evicted without notice.

Real estate broker cannot use name of development when marketing

There are many reasons why a real estate development might be involved in a lawsuit with another entity. Disputes can arise between virtually any party involved and could be based on a wide variety of issues. Sometimes they arise as a result of the work performed. Other times it is due to the quality of materials used. In still other situations there could be an issue with acquiring the desired land or securing the zoning or funding necessary to move the project forward. 

Couple faces foreclosure for property sold over 20 years ago

When a home is foreclosed upon it can be difficult for the owners to come to terms with the event. In addition to being hard to physically move from a property, it can be emotionally difficult as well. The ramifications are not only physical and emotional, they are also financial.

In order for someone to face foreclosure on a home, they must be the person that the house's mortgage is attached to. An unsuspecting couple in the Orlando area is currently facing a foreclosure on a home they sold 21 years ago. This couple and readers are likely wondering how this could happen.

Higher commercial property values may prompt real estate disputes

Readers are likely well aware of how hard property values in the state of Florida were hit as a result of the recession that struck in the first decade of this century. After several years of low property values research conducted by Green Street Advisors indicates that commercial property values have rebounded and continue to climb throughout the United States. In fact, in March of this year they were up 87 percent since their lowest mark in 2009. What’s more, they are 14 percent higher now, than they were at their last peak, in 2007.

Florida apartment complex includes Social Media Addendum in lease

Contracts are a necessity to the success of a business. They are entered into every day, sometimes with other companies and other times with individuals. An example of the latter situation is where an individual enters into a lease with a property owner. While the first thing that likely comes to mind when a breach of contract is mentioned in this context is the failure of the tenant to pay the landlord, it could arise should the resident fail to perform another element of the contract as well.

A Florida apartment complex has put an interesting spin on this.

Consumers to receive restitution from Florida material suppliers

When it comes to any type of construction project there are many things that go into it being successful. While certainly quality workmanship is a component, the materials used should meet a certain standard as well. In addition, the contracts entered into to secure these goods should meet certain requirements. When they don’t the success of an entire project can be at stake.

If there is something wrong with the way in which a material supplier conducts business with customers, legal action could be appropriate.

Florida developers looking at mobile home parks

Across Florida, commercial real estate developers are buying up mobile parkland. Considering the lack of upkeep of many of these mobile parks, this is no easy undertaking. Trailer owners often have abandoned their broken down trailers. Besides removal of these trailers, creation of new plans for use and development of the land is required. This includes building of grocery stores, movie theaters, malls or upscale housing on the property.

Mobile homes house large percentages of citizens in our state. Elderly residents and members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida have occupied many of these mobile parks. However, large numbers of mobile parks have closed in recent years. Increases in land costs in part causes issues with keeping mobile parks open. This is especially true of smaller parks. Also, mobile park communities have not aged well. There's been resistance to moving new homes into mobile home communities that are 40-years-old.