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Orlando Business & Commercial Law Blog

Trade secret dispute settles for $61M

In the course of operating a successful business it is not uncommon for businesses to protect certain types of information that it relies upon to run. Called trade secrets, it is important for businesses to keep this information private. In many cases businesses use contracts to keep other parties from disclosing it. When intellectual property is taken and used without permission, the party to which it belongs may take legal action. 

Partnership to create green development near Orlando sours

When it comes to business deals it is not uncommon for individuals or entities to work together as partners to get something done. Such an arrangement can be advantageous for all involved. It may provide one partner with the capital needed to get the project off the ground, in exchange for the other partner obtaining the opportunity to make a profit. When however these arrangements do not work as planned, litigation may be the end result. Two Florida business men are dealing with that reality now.

Dispute of sale of Florida car dealership prompts lawsuit

Business disputes involving Florida businesses occur on a regular basis. They can happen with virtually any type of business including car dealerships. An automotive company recently filed a lawsuit against owner of a Florida car dealership because of a purchase agreement gone wrong.

Group 1 Automotive Inc. claims that the owner of the dealership, Prestige Motor Car Imports Inc., is not following through on its end of the deal. This, it alleges, is despite agreeing to terms of the deal after a period of negotiation.

Complexity of commercial real estate matters may require attorney

While there are a couple of possible new hotels in the works for the Orlando, Florida, area, a hotel already in existence was recently involved in a commercial real estate transaction. Holiday Inn Resort Lake Buena Vista was recently sold to ROCH Capital. The deal is particularly noteworthy since it is the largest hotel deal so far this year.

There are multiple things that need to be addressed when it comes to the sale of commercial property. If they are not handled properly, a dispute might erupt later. Such a dispute can be expensive affecting a business’ bottom line. Among other things, disputes might involve development plans, commission for real estate brokers or issues with title. In addition to these, once the property changes hands, there are other problems that could arise.

Pop singer sued by cosmetic company over name of health clubs

Most people know who Madonna is. Over the course of the last three decades she has recorded songs that have been popular with individuals around the world, including in the state of Florida. Fans of her music may not be aware that her empire extends beyond music, however. She is a partner in a fitness business called Hard Candy that has been in existence since 2010. Those who closely follow the star may be aware that Hard Candy was also the name of an album she released in 2008.

Amazon removes pre-order option from Warner DVDs

Florida residents seeking to buy certain books online, at Amazon.com, may have noticed a lag in the amount of time it takes to receive them. They may also have noticed that they are unable to preorder some titles. The titles affected are all published by Hachette Book Group. The root of the issue is a disagreement between Amazon and Hachette regarding how much e-books from the publisher can be sold for by the online retailer. 

Former Louis Vuitton executive ordered to return trade secrets

In many types of businesses trade secrets play an important part of their success. Accordingly, it is not uncommon for employees made privy to those secrets to have to sign a non-compete agreement. The idea behind such an agreement is that it will prevent the secrets from being leaked to businssess that are competitors. When such an agreement is breached, a business may be able to sue the employee or former employee that is responsible for that action. Fashion house Louis Vuitton is pursuing this course of action against a former vice president who left the business to work for a competitor within the last couple of months.

Funding dispute of redevelopment leads to lawsuits

The redevelopment of property is a complicated process. When things run smoothly a project may be completed on time and on budget. When however, issues arise, at any stage in the process a developer might face a project with an extended timeline, accompanied by extra expense. A South Florida redevelopment appears to be facing an issue that could impact the bottom line.

Two parties involved in the project have filed lawsuits against each other. The head of the redevelopment of Plantation’s Fashion Mall, recently accused one of the investors in the project of diverting funding intended for the process. In addition to diversion of funds he is also alleging breach of fiduciary duty, fraudulent misrepresentation and defamation.

Florida contractor accused of taking money, not finishing jobs

Many homeowners throughout the state of Florida would like to make improvements to their homes. While some are able to handle upgrades on their own, it is not uncommon to end up hiring a contractor to do the work. Most homeowners assume that the individual they hire to assist with this will complete the work in a timely fashion and in a manner that measures up to a certain quality standard. Unfortunately this is not always how things go and homeowners may be left with work that leaves much to be desired or even without certain tasks being completed.

Construction on Orlando Magic complex could begin this summer

The soccer stadium currently being built in Florida is not the only facility related to sports in the state that is under construction. Downtown Orlando is slated to be the home of a $200 million sports and entertainment complex for the Orlando Magic. If all goes as planned, construction on the first phase of the three part plan, will take place this summer.

This phase includes three media towers, a parking garage, two retail kiosks and building comprised of 42,000 square feet of retail and 121,800 square feet of office space. Later stages will create additional parking garages, retail space, a residential tower and a hotel with retail and convention space.