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Orlando Business & Commercial Law Blog

Boxer Mikey Garcia's lawsuit to end contract clears legal hurdle

Professional boxing in the U.S. has had a long and storied history -- and so do boxing promoters. In 2000, Congress took notice of promoters' history of widespread abuse and exploitation of fighters and other wrongdoing by passing the federal Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.

Last year, former WBO super featherweight World Champion Mikey Garcia filed suit against boxing promoter Top Rank, and part of his lawsuit made claims under the Ali Act. Unfortunately for Mikey, that lawsuit has met with procedural blockades at every turn. He filed in a California state court; it was transferred to a federal court in California, which itself transferred the case to another federal court in Nevada. Since the claims under California law were dismissed, Garcia asked for leave to amend his complaint by adding claims under the Nevada boxing regulations. 

Florida commercial real estate matter settled before trial

Disputes between real estate investors and commercial brokers are nothing new. The relationship between the two is just one of many that are necessary in the development of commercial property that could end up in disagreement. This is illustrated in a Florida lawsuit that was recently resolved.

In this particular case a onetime commercial broker filed a lawsuit against Worldcenter partners for a stake she said was promised her of a $1.5 billion Florida development. Specifically she alleged that the developer did not provide her with the 10 percent stake she said she was owed. In the alternative, it did not provide compensation for the stake in the development. She filed the lawsuit in 2008.

Some construction conflicts arise before building commences

The first step to constructing a building of any type is securing the property where the construction will take place. This is true whether the plan is to remodel or build new. Sometimes developers experience resistance from area residents when trying to obtain a parcel of land for construction. A developer seeking to build an apartment complex in Orlando is facing that reality now.

Developers may not have anticipated the issues that they are encountering. The proposed project—called “The Princeton”—was approved by the City Council late last year. For reasons that are unknown, area residents were not pleased with that decision however and took legal action. The lawsuit brought by the group called Rethink the Princeton, is currently pending.

Trademark issue involving development name resolved

Trademark issues can arise where businesses of all kinds are concerned. While likely not the first thing to come to mind when one thinks about situations where this could be an issue, real estate developments could be involved in a disagreement of this nature. This is illustrated by a case that was recently resolved in Central Florida.

The issue involved two developers involved in projects in Lake Nona. One developer—The Klein Company was using the name Dwell at Lake Nona for a development. Having previously named other projects with geographic names, this followed its pattern. Another developer—Tavistock, which is affiliated with Lake Nona Property Holdings—is also working on developments in the Orlando area. As a part of its developments it registered trademarks such as “Lake Nona." The registration and promotion cost the developer millions.

When issues with new a home build arise contact a lawyer

Many people dream of buying a home while it is being built so that they can customize it to their specifications. While in many cases the process can go off without a hitch, there are situations where things are not completed as expected. Whether it is a matter of something being altogether wrong, not done at all or completed in a shoddy manner, such a situation could result in the need for the home buyer to pursue legal action against the home builder. There are things that homebuyers can do to throughout the building process to make sure that they are aware of what is going on at the site of their new home.

Damage types in trade secret misappropriation claims

Depending on the nature of the business a company engages in, it is possible that a trade secret is a key component of its success. For businesses in this situation the misappropriation of a trade secret can be devastating. Accordingly, when this happens it is important to take legal action against the offender. This can be accomplished via a trade secret misappropriation claim.

There are several theories under which damages might be secured in a claim of this nature: unjust enrichment, reasonable royalty and actual damages.

Big box store receives push back from Florida community

Many people would agree that the close proximity of major stores often makes life easier. Throughout the state of Florida big box stores have popped up providing easy access to the goods we all rely upon. That said most homeowners want to enjoy their residential living area and don't want developments containing these retail stores too close.

A Florida community is currently dealing with this now.

Florida homeowners may protect property value via legal action

For many people, real estate is the most expensive thing that they will purchase. Because this is such a large investment for most it makes sense that property owners would do what they can to make sure that actions are not taken that would make the real estate value decline. In some instances this could involve taking legal action.

Residents of a wealthy enclave in a Florida community recently opted to take this course of action. The two homeowners are a part of a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Advocates seek to protect tenants living in foreclosed properties

In our last post we wrote about a couple who were facing foreclosure on a home that they sold many years before. In that post we mentioned that a lawyer could be of assistance in helping to resolve foreclosure issues. This is not the only type of foreclosure problem that someone could face.

Consumer advocates are taking steps to try to prevent another type of issue from occurring in the state of Florida. They are seeking to make language that was formerly a part of the federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, part of Florida state law. The law protected tenants of houses that were foreclosed upon from being evicted without notice.

Real estate broker cannot use name of development when marketing

There are many reasons why a real estate development might be involved in a lawsuit with another entity. Disputes can arise between virtually any party involved and could be based on a wide variety of issues. Sometimes they arise as a result of the work performed. Other times it is due to the quality of materials used. In still other situations there could be an issue with acquiring the desired land or securing the zoning or funding necessary to move the project forward.